Ear protect kit

Important Information You Should Know About Noise & Ear Protection Measures


When an object is vibrated, its motion is Transmitted to the surrounding air producing waves That are detected by our ear, and it is when, we perceive the sound. Noise can be defined simply as an annoying or unwanted sound. The minimum decibel (dB) level of a shot is a noise by definition.

The firing of a firearm is at least above 115 (dB) what is already Considered as a very dangerous area. Consequently, any shooter who does not want to be deaf or soon must take all the possible Precautions. These Measures are simple if They are known. The most known classical method, the All-which is not advisable, are the wax and cotton stoppers.


Characteristic Magnitudes of the Sound


  • Sound level, overexpressed in decibels (dB)
  • Frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz)


Hearing Loss


Exposure to high noise levels over prolonged periods leads to deafness or hearing loss.


Characteristics of Hearing Loss due to Noise


  • It is a deterioration at the level of the inner ear.
  • It is irreversible.
  • It affects both ears equally.
  • Deterioration takes place Initially at the frequency of 4,000 Hz. And if clean Measures are not taken, the hearing loss turn out to be wider and deeper.

Effects of Noise on Hearing


Exposure to noise Produces two effects Which are as follows;

Acoustic Trauma


It is the sudden hearing loss Caused by the impact of noises zoals explosions.


Permanent Hearing Loss


It is from the repeated exposure over long periods of time to high intensity noises. It is irreversible for the reason That it destroys the auditory cells of the cochlea That Are auditory receptors.

Excessive noise causes incurable deafness and other discomforts zoals the following;


  • Headache
  • irritation
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • Physical tiredness
  • Pale Ness


You are Supposed to take into account the following;


  • The noise affects your hearing in a long term process and the person does not Realize it in time the deterioration Suffered.
  • Hearing protectors are easy to use and effective only if used for withe are exposed to the noise.
    The audio metric tests are really important. You will be shown in a timely mannermouse claustrophobia are suffering from hearing loss.


It is only you who can protect your hearing. Always use the correct type of hearing protection. Remember That you will never be bootable to adapt your body to the intense noise, instead, you will lose your hearing. There are different types of hearing protectors zoals the following;


  • Canopy protector
  • foam protector
  • rubber protector




When it comes to personal ear protection, it is advisable to use the best That the market offerings and in the case of hearing protectors for the use of guns and shooting, it is recommended to use high attenuation ear protection for shooting since They offer the best noise attenuation-which is produced by firing a gun.